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Professor of division Teddy.


Professor of division Teddy the bear.Division without remainder.The aim of the game is to find a divisor of the number.Which means the remainder of the division should be equal to zero.Throughout the room on colored surfaces numbers are placed .(Eg 3,4,6,7).In the left corner of the screen there is a number.(Eg 35).Lead your bear to a colored surface.If the number on the surface divides the number on the screen without the remainder you win ten points.(Eg 35/7 = 5 remainder of zero).
The game is over when:1)Ten minutes passed.or2) The bear is hit by balls that falling from the sky.
By clicking on New GameNew numbers appear on the painted surfaces.Good luck.
This is a special game.This game will help you to practice division with fun.This is a 3D game.It is a mathematical game.
PERLIN KADAR number one. international . original.